The first step is always the hardest, joining. It is making a commitment both financially and mentally. We have tried to make it easier; we have 3 different ways to try our gym before you commit.

Have you ever spent money on a gym and didn’t get the results you were looking for? Maybe you were so committed to change that you hired a  personal trainer.  What did they charge? $40, $50, $100 an hour?  A standard package for 6 weeks of training can often be $1000.  In our experience during the 6 weeks people see results… but what happens after those 6 weeks?  How much do you need to keep paying the trainer to keep seeing results?

We know there is a better solution that is MUCH more costs effective AND has a proven higher success rate!  We put together these 5 key elements of success for LASTING results:  Community, Proven Exercise Routines, Training, Coaching, and Nutrition.   Don’t take it from us, check out the success stories.


2 months ($238 value) for $100

A huge discount to you try our gym for 2months! It gives you the opportunity to get in and see what we are all about!

Test the waters details


free week trial and initiation fee waived

If you know you can put in the work, this plan is for you.  Come in and workout for a week.  If you love the workouts, join and we will waive the initiation fee of $150!

Click here for your MOTIVATED BEYOND BELIEF free week pass and the initiation fee free voucher.

Try Results!

6 week results challenge

If you are like many of our members and have had a hard time reaching your fitness goals, then this is your best option. We want you to succeed.  Your success, though, is largely based on your own desire.  We can create great workouts, motivate you, design your meal plan, and check in with you, but if your motivation is not there, none if it will matter.  

If a friend says I will give you $500 to lose 20lbs in 6 weeks would you do it? Most people would.  We took a page out of the some of the most successful people and ask you to place a bet on yourself.  Successful people often set tough goals with meaningful consequences if they fail.  This is what Results Challenge members do. They place a $500 bet on themselves!  It isn’t just them that is rooting for success it is us too! We want you to be able to put your $500 back in your pocket.  We know that if you succeed at hitting your goals over the next 6 weeks, you will want to join our family.  Us collecting your $500 is a terrible business idea, however, us pushing you to put “skin” in the game and then giving you all the tools and support to succeed is a great business idea.  We end up with a gym filled with motivated, success driven people that are members for many years to come!  Are you ready to bet on yourself?  We will be there to make sure you succeed!

So this plan is FREE, only if you're willing to put in the work. 

Let's make sure this plan is for you
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