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At Results Fitness Rx we know you have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable to get results. Our fitness family supports and encourages each other, creating a natural accountability. Community helps people make it to the gym. We care if you show up or not, and make sure our members workout at least 3 times a week!

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Exercise is not meant to be easy... at least if you want results it shouldn’t be easy. We keep the workouts fresh, keeping people engaged. To avoid a fitness plateau that is so common in typical gyms, we workout a different muscle group every day. You’ll never feel like an hour was wasted, and you’ll always feel the benefit of these workouts. Since you’ll never see the same one again it helps you push through when it seems too hard. The sense of accomplishment and noticeable benefit to the body keep us coming back for more!


There’s a reason professional athletes have trainers. They need someone to tell them they "can do it" when their body and mind start to say they can't. It has been proven it isn’t the first “rep” that matters, it’s really how far you push when tired that gets the biggest results. That “pushing” tells the body to make change (get stronger). It isn’t just helping you push that’s important with a trainer. Form is crucial to prevent injury and get maximum benefit from a movement. Our trainers make sure exercises are performed properly. Even a minor tweak to a movement can bring huge change and you will feel the difference.

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In addition to the trainer leading each class, a coach is assigned to you. Their job is to know and help you set short and long term goals for fitness, nutrition and personal things to accomplish. They will check in with you both to make sure you are making it to the gym and to assess your progress. Your coach will do fitness and biometric assessments with you regularly, along with nutrition consultations and provide motivation toward your goals.

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What we eat fuels our day and our workouts. We help people build a healthy and balanced approach to nutrition that lines up with fitness and personal goals. This is a combination for success! Let’s be honest traditional “diets” can work… but only for as long as you stay on them. Building healthy eating habits allows a person to get stronger, be healthier and live an awesome active life. Our coaches work one-on-one with our members to create long term, sustainable eating habits. The ultimate desire for every person who walks into Results Fitness Rx is to partner with them to develop a healthy lifestyle that includes fitness, nutrition, and a fit fam community!