The greatest chance of success happens when you incorporate 5 key elements: Community, Proven Exercise Routines, Training, Coaching, and Nutrition




Exercise is not meant to be easy... at least if you want results it shouldn’t be easy.  Over the years, gyms that want their members to succeed have moved to a group fitness model. This model helps to keep each member motivated through the entire workout and helps them push themselves much further than they would on their own.  Group workouts are great, but what is even better is when you build bonds with others inside of your gym. The stronger these bonds, the more likely you are to make it to the gym.  Which, let’s face it, is often the toughest struggle in the beginning.  We must be doing something right, because 70% of our members make it into the gym 3 times a week!


Our sister gym in California builds out the daily style of workout.  We then take the“style of workout” and implement the movements to meet that format.  The reason for this is simple… PROVEN results.  Our sister gym has trained over 3000 members over the last decade.  They have single class sizes that can get as large as 100 members!  You don’t get to those numbers without having a program that people love and that works! What science has showed is that the body likes to be regularly"shocked", and this is what this type of training does. Our goal is to build up both your stamina and your strength.  Did you know that the more you build up your strength the more calories you will burn even when you are just walking around?  Essentially, you turn your body into a fat burning machine!


There is a reason that professional athletes have trainers.  They need someone to tell them they "can do it"when their body and mind start say they can't.  It has been proven that it isn’t the first “rep” that matters, it really is how far you push yourself when you are tired, that gets you the biggest results.  That “pushing” tells the body that it needs to make change (get stronger).  It is isn’t just helping you push yourselves that is important, FORM is very important.  If you hurt yourself performing an exercise, it really sets back your ability to workout. We don’t want that.  So, our trainers make sure that you are performing your exercises properly.


In addition to the trainer that is in eachclass, you are given a coach.  Their job is to:

- Know your short and long terms goals in the gym

- Check in with you (both to make sure you are making it to the gym and to assess your progress)

- Guide you on nutrition and workout modifications.  


What we eat fuels our day and our workouts. We work with all of our clients on how to build a healthy AND balance dieting routine.  Let’s be honest traditional “diets” work great… but only for as long as you stay on them.  We want to help our clients build health eating habits, so that they can get stronger, be healthier and live an awesome active life.  Essentially, we work with our members to create long term sustainable eating habits. 

6 Week Results Challenge Members

These are members who took a bet on themselves and got results!

Candace Trujillo  

I completed my 6 week challenge and met my goal! It's an amazing gym. The trainers, members and overall atmosphere is so encouraging. So glad I pushed myself to get started and made it all the way through the challenge. It was definitely a lot of hard work but the people made you want to continue and keep pushing. The trainers demonstrated each workout at the beginning of class and gave personal instruction throughout each class. They made me get to a point where I believed in myself, raised my self-confidence, emotional and physical strength. Thank you, Result Fitness RX, you all made this possible for me. I lost 13lbs and 7.6% body fat during the 6 week challenge! Great experience.

Michael Annis

I completed my 6-week challenge losing 23 lbs and 7.1% body fat percentage.

I’m in better shape than when I left the Marines 6 years ago.The instructors are knowledgeable, the workouts are intense, and I can see muscles I have never seen before.

Tasha Root

My 6 week check-in was today. I lost 23 lbs in 6 weeks! More importantly I am feeling super strong! These workouts are HARD and challenging, but the trainers and the other participants are super encouraging and continue to push me everyday. This is working for me because there is never any question about what to do... it's 1 hour of a group workout and the best thing is I am seeing great results only going 4 days a week, e.g. it's not eating up all my spare time. Accountability and no excuses! There is no question that I am going to continue my fitness journey with Results!

Charlie Mo

I'm 58 and my daughter talked me into starting the 6 week challenge at Results Fitness RX. My blood test results over the last year have put me in the pre-diabetes category.My doctors said I had to get moving and also had me on high blood pressure meds. After a week and half I happened to have another blood test and all the concerning results were already moving toward normal. I take my blood pressure reading at home and without medication my once high blood pressure has stayed in the normal range. Needless to say I am sold on this program. The workouts are challenging but you do what you can and now I'm finding I can keep up with the rest of the class. The staff is helpful, knowledgeable, and all around great people. Thanks to my daughter and the staff here for getting me on the path to a healthier and probably longer life.


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