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Most Americans join a gym for obvious reasons- the need to stay healthy, feel better about themselves, and maintain strength. But the real question isn’t why do people join the gym.

Results Club Method vs PT

The real question is this: Do gym members get the most for their money?

Despite the existence of about 30,500 fitness centers in the US, myriad fitness-related magazines, and a seemingly endless string of health gurus promoting their info-products on the net, Americans are still struggling to maintain healthy lifestyles.  The plethora of free fitness programs and info alone is mind boggling.  Most people know that physical activity and eating clean will improve their quality of life. Unfortunately, that’s where a lot of common knowledge stops.

The “how-to” of training and nutrition, not to mention accountability and motivation, are absolutely necessary for fitness related success.  Shows like “The Biggest Loser” and “Extreme Weight Loss” are prime time proof that real results require some level of professional help.The rapidly changing landscape of the health care system in the US is forcing employers and insurance companies to look closely at the health (and let’s face it, financial) benefits of gym membership.  What good is a gym membership if the “how-to” is missing?

Could lack of professional guidance in the gym be why an estimated 67% of gym memberships go unused?  What if everyone who joined a gym could have a personal trainer?

Let’s look at some numbers:

  • The average cost of a gym membership is $55.00 per month.
  • Results Club Method vs PT CostPeople who use the gym typically train twice a week.
  • If those people hired a personal trainer every time they went to the gym, their average cost would be $65/session or $520/month, plus their monthly membership dues.

That’s works out to $71.87/session- a whopping $575.00 every single month!

I doubt the average American would consider this a reasonable option.

Let’s rework these numbers, but instead of looking at the “average gym membership” we will use the Results Club Method as our model:

  • Tools for Results$99 per month
  • If you’re the “average” gym member, you’ll be in the gym twice per week, paying $12.75/session.
  • The benefits of a personal trainer are included!

The traditional gym membership doesn’t work for two-thirds of the people who sign up because they lack one or more of the tools for proven fitness results.

Over 85% of Results Club members regularly use their gym membership because we provide the tools they need to reach their goals.

So, do gym members get the most for their money? The answer is clear.  Unless you’re among the 33% of  traditional gym members who actually use their membership, you’re getting ripped off.

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